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About me

I started doing artwork after becoming a stay-at-home dad for my three kids. I have a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon and had the pleasure of working for several years at a design firm in Portland, Oregon where I built physical and computer generated models and prepared presentations for clients. The computer skills now allow me to take photos and enrich them using Photoshop and Illustrator. My photos tap into something in me, which inspires the writing, which then folds back into the altering and layering of the original photograph. Recently, I have been experimenting with painting with acrylics, enjoying the physicality of applying paint (scraping, peeling away, repetitive brushstrokes, palette knife painting, etc.) and in my last show I began exploring bringing words into the pieces.

I started exhibiting in St. Louis in 2004. In 2009, we moved to Maui I took a break while exploring venues for displaying my work. I’ve made a few pieces to submit to Art Maui (one accepted). In March 2014, I had my first Maui show, at the Wailuku Coffee Company. The 2015 Wailuku Coffee Company exhibit displayed my switch to acrylic painting. I was dealing with the death of three family members in four days. That was when the computer work seemed too far removed and the full body act of painting helped me deal with those losses. And currently on display until the end of March 2016 is my show “Love- Or Three Things I Learned In The Plane Crash.” The title comes from a TED talk by Ric Elias. A must watch.

For any of the computer graphic pieces on the site, I am quite flexible with printing sizes and surfaces. If there is a piece on the website that interests you, let me know and we can size it and print it on whatever surface pleases you. I have always worked in editions of 5.

For any of the acrylic pieces, I am happy to do commissions. As far as reproducing a sold painting exactly, my process welcomes flexibility, so new pieces will have variations.

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